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V69 Dabond spool of thread

Dabond spool Anti-wick thread is an industrial thread for canvas and upholstery etc.
£10.75 incl tax

V69 industrial sewing thread is designed specifically for the marine environment.
It is resistant to UV light and is treated to prevent wicking of moisture through the fabric. It can be used for both canvas and upholstery

We sell this thread in V69 and V92

for V69 a size 16 needle would be suitable

for V92 a size 18 needle

If using a home machine without a walking foot try a size 16 or 18 denim needle

Can withstand UV degradation in all outdoor applications exposed to marine water and sunlight.

Main Applications
• Sailmaking
• Boat tops
• Flags
• Tents and awnings
• Canvas and tarps
• Inflatables/hot air balloons
• Marine lift slings and tiedowns
• Military supplies
• Applications requiring chlorine bleach-fastness

Special Thread Features
• Excellent UV resistance for sunlight protection
• Unique bonding technology that safeguards against ply untwisting in zig zag
and can sew through many layers of heavily finished fabric
• Dual level lube finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing
• Excellent bleach, mildew and rot resistance
• The only environmentally-friendly bonded polyester thread available
in the market
• The industry standard for sail making and other outdoor
or marine applications,

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