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Moulded Plastic Zip - Open End

Marine grade open end zips are used where strength and UV resistance is required, number 10 open end zips are used for boat doors where the panel is removed completely or for repairing motorcycle jacket zips where the zip has to open completely.

Fully UV stabilized for exterior or interior use.

Open end zips include the metal zip slider with pull tabs both sides, if only one pull tab is required just nip off the unused tab with side cutters.

Width across the closed zip is 42mm.

TIP: If you don't find the exact size you need order a zip slightly longer as they are easily trimmed to size and our end stops easily terminate the cut end. Also, we use 1/4" double sided sailmakers tape to stick the zip in place before sewing to avoid any slipping.

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Number 10 Open End Moulded Plastic Zip 10mm across the closed teeth and 44mm across the tape.
£3.00 incl tax

Number 10 MOULDED PLASTIC Zip End Stops (4) No. 10

Plastic End Stop for Size 10 Molded Plastic Zip (or 10mm across the teeth.)
£1.50 incl tax