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Number 10 Continuous MOULDED PLASTIC ZIP - Navy

Number 10 Continuous Moulded Plastic Zip 10mm across the closed teeth and 41mm
£3.25 incl tax

A moulded plastic zip in a continuous length for making zips that only open at one end.

If you require open end zips see my other listings, open end zips are like a jacket zip where both ends come apart.

Examples of where continuous zip is used: on opening doors on covers, or bag zips where both ends are sewn shut.

Size 10 zips are 10mm across the teeth and 41mm across the tape. they are UV stabilised.

The price is per meter and you will need to also buy the sliders separately, to aid finishing the zip ends so the sliders do not fall off you can sew a fabric stop over the end or buy my zipper stops which just clip onto the last tooth.

To aid fitting zips I use venture tape which is the sailmakers secret, it is a very strong double sided tape that has a rubber core rather than a paper core. This means it stretches around bends etc without breaking and can be used as a gasket between fabric panels, sealing the thread holes.

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